Kent Evans is the author of Malas Ondas: Lime, Sand Sex and Salsa in the land of conquistadors a semi-autobiographical novel about self-destruction throughout Latin America and finding that corniest of motivators – love. He was a fixture on the spoken word scene throughout the 90’s till he grew tired of writing slam pieces about being a homeless gay Asian man.  (Though Kent is part-Asian, he is neither homeless nor gay - not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Lately he chooses to pursue his craft through music and fiction (well sort of fiction anyhow). His performance of choice involves gathering non-traditional musicians (DJ’s, classical players, Latin funk bands) and performing poetry in a live Jazz/Trip-Hop format. In the new millennium Kent has done shows throughout the states, Europe and Mexico, including the International Arts Festival of Cervantino, RAI in Spain, and the Artery in Houston. He had appeared on NPR for shows including Nuestra Palabra, the Front Row, and Living Arts showcase.

True to his nature, Kent has been traveling much of the last few years hence the (ahem) delay of this new novel. Rest assured he has plenty of poetry collections ready to go should his fan base grow truly bored and want something to fill the time between shows and works of (ahem) fiction. Kent is fully aware that no one reads poetry other than aspiring writers and failed ones who teach English (both of whom have the propensity to describe his work as “self-important” and “childish smut,” to which Kent believes they are simply missing the point).

Kent was born in New York City under no choice of his own, in 1975. He is half Cantonese and half UK mongrel (mostly Irish one might assume based on his drinking habits).  He grew up between New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island and has traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.

So now you can desist with all that but where’s he really from bollocks.